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What time  should I arrive? 

We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session. 


What are the age requirements? 

Unless otherwise specified all of our events are open to all ages. Under 8's must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18+) on the ice at all times. The family discos that take place on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon might be more appropriate for families with younger children. 


What Should I Wear?

You can wear whatever you like! We would however, recommend wearing something warm as bikinis and other swimwear would probably make you chilly. You might even wish to bring your winter hat and gloves to combat the cold.

For the special foam party events you are very likely to get wet. Please wear appropriate clothes, bring a towel and something warm to go home in. 


Where Can I Leave my Stuff?

Deeside Ice Rink is equipped with E-Lockers to store your belongings, they cost £2 and are non refundable. 

For the special foam party events we recommend that you leave anything you don't want to get wet at home or in a locker.


What Size Skates are Available?

Our Skate Hire has a wide range of skates. Our sizes go from a tiny size 6 for kids up to adult size 14. We only supply figure skates in our skate hire.


What if I can't Skate?

Ice skating is a fun activity to take part in. If you are really struggling our staff will be on hand to give you some basic tips to help you get around. Alternatively, if you are really trying to impress your friends you could even come and have some secret skating lessons prior to the event - 01352 704200 for details. 


Can I Hire a Skating Aid? 

All penguins, polar bears and banana skating aids will be unavailable to hire during Club Night on Ice Sessions. All other sessions they are available to hire for £4 for 40 minutes. 


What are the 'Rink Rules"?

The Ice Rink does have some rules in place to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety for all guests. These are published at the rink side.


What Food & Drink is Available?

We have a "Snack Bar" located in the Ice Rink, which serves things like Chips, Burgers and Hot Dogs. There are many hot and cold drinks as well as snacks available from both the Snack Bar and the surrounding Vending Machines.


Can We Bring our Own Food into the Venue?

No. We have a Snack Bar available to serve you food and drinks.


Do I have to Pay for Parking?

Nope, parking at Deeside Leisure Centre is totally free and with our massive car park there will always be spaces available.


Do I have to Pay to Spectate?

Yes. Standard rates apply to spectators.


Your photographer took my photo. When will it be available? 

Our Photographer is around most Friday and Saturday nights to take photos of everyone and provide them to you for FREE. Since this service is free it does mean that photos can take a few weeks to be processed and uploaded. We do obviously try to make this process as quick as possible, but cannot promise anything. To find your photos, visit our gallery! 


What are the prices?

DeeRinkLive don’t set the pricing, as we are only the entertainment supplier, because of this we are unable to provide accurate pricing information on our website and recommend you visit - Aura.wales - the official site of Deeside Ice Rink.


Can I book in advance?

We currently only offer pay on the door services. This is something we hope to provide in the future.


Is Ice Skating safe?

Ice skating is safer than you would probably think! We see very few accidents/injuries during any sessions and when they occur they are usually minor. We have Ice Safety Stewards on hand to try and prevent these accidents and should you have any concerns please raise them with a staff member. For when accidents do happen we will always have First Aiders on hand to help deal with the injury. Don’t let this put you off coming, as long as you skate within what your competence allows, you should be absolutely fine! 


Injuries, Disabilities and Medical Conditions on the Ice

We discourage anyone with any serious or visible injuries, such as broken or sprained bones, from going on the ice. Our Ice Safety Stewards may even advise you on the night not to go on - you do so at your own risk. Our Stewards are on hand for everyone's safety, and if you pose a risk to other skaters you may be required to leave the ice pad. Aura run specific All Inclusive sessions for skaters with disabilities which are very popular.


Our Club Nights are busy sessions where the lights are turned off and the music is turned up. Whilst we want Ice Skating to be as inclusive as possible, if you have a disability we advise seeking doctors advice before going on the ice. We also frequently use strobe lighting and smoke effects during our events.

Please phone Deeside Leisure Centre for information - 01352 704200


Who / What is Dee Rink Live?

Dee Rink Live is an independent business operating out of Deeside Ice Rink providing their entertainment services. More info here.


All information supplied above is as a guide only - subject to change. Please visit Aura.Wales for the official site of Deeside Ice Rink.

Have we answered all your questions? If not please do not hesitate to contact us!

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